I am an academic. Academics are usually underpaid especially where I live – Sri Lanka. With the increasing amount of responsibilities, I had to look for extra income sources.

Ravihansa Rajapakse
This is me…

I spend a lot of time on the internet. So, I thought why not have a go there. The Internet is a great resource that have an abundance of opportunities if you are keen to take them. There are many ways to earn money online.

You can earn actively – where you get paid as you work, or passively – where you get paid without much effort after an initial investment. An extensive internet research taught me that latter is much more sustainable.

I want to share my knowledge with you, to support you to achieve your financial goals. So, if you want to earn money online, and more importantly start and nourish your own business, you may be able to get some cool tips at SleekEarner.

Time is precious. So, we need to be sleek in the way we earn. We should look for passive ways of earning rather than spending huge amount of time for small paybacks. It’s just not worth it! An initial investment could go a long way, but with dedication and knowledge!