Jaaxy Review: How to Find Keywords for Your Website?

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Building a website can be easy, but attracting traffic is not so! This is where those magic keywords come in handy. Keywords are essentially representative words of a web page. Writing your article around the BEST keyword is a good way to attract people. I am sure you would have gone through the question of how to find keywords for your website? Let me try to help you here…

How to Find Keywords for Your Website

Keyword research tools become useful in such kind of situations. There are many keyword tools out there. The one I use is Jaaxy which is the integrated keyword research tool used in the affiliate platform (Wealthy Affiliate) I use to maintain my websites.

Basic Info about Jaaxy:
  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Website URL: https://www.jaaxy.com
  • Type: Keyword Research
  • Price: Starter – FREE, Pro – $49/month, Enterprise – $99/month


Product Overview

In simple words, Jaaxy helps you to find the best keywords for your website. Whenever you want to write about something, Jaaxy can help you find the best keywords to target for. In fact, even when you are out of ideas, it can suggest you many ideas you can work around.

All you need to do is type a topic into the search bar in Jaaxy and it will pop up keyword phrases along with useful stats such as average traffic, quoted test results (QSR), and SEO quality indicators.

Let me take an example. I wanted to write an article on the myths related to affiliate marketing, but could not think of a good keyword to target. The trick in writing an article around a keyword is to use the keyword in the title and somewhere in the first paragraph.

So, I inserted the phrase “affiliate marketing myths” into the Jaaxy search bar. And clicked “Find Keywords”.

Jaaxy keyword search


Reading the Numbers

The next task was to READ the stats meaningfully.

  • Avg: The average number of searches the keyword receives per month.
  • Traffic: Visits to the web page if the page appears in the first page of search results.
  • QSR: Quoted Search Results. The number of pages competing for the exact keyword in Google search.
  • KQI: Keyword quality indicator. This gives a color code according to the quality of the keyword (Green for ‘Great’, Orange for ‘Normal’, and Red for ‘Poor’).
  • SEO: The quality of the keyword based on traffic and competition. The higher the better.
  • Domains: Availability of the domains related to the keyword.

The most important two stats are however, Avg and QSR. The trick is to look for as low QSR possible (ideally below 100), meaning that the competition is very low and to look for 40+ average searches. The number of searches will grow. The idea is to have some hits at the moment for the chose keyword.

So, I scrolled down for a better result and viola!, I found one.

Finding the best keyword in Jaaxy
In the starter version and the LITE version (offered for Wealthy Affiliate premium members), you need to click on “Get QSR” to reveal the QSR scores. So, how to find the ones to reveal these QSR scores? You need to look for MEANINGFUL phrases that have a decent enough average number of hits. Without the meaning, your posts become just collection of words.

Then, you need to decide on a meaningful title, in my case, I chose “Debunking the Myths of Affiliate Marketing“. Making the title catchy can always add value. Then, after inserting the keyword phrase in the first paragraph, you can (in fact you need to!) write the rest of the content naturally. Or else, your content will look very unnatural and will be disliked by the search engines for stuffing keywords.

You can try out a keyword search using the below search box.

Who is Jaaxy For?

Anyone who wants to find suitable keywords for their website articles.


Jaaxy Pricing

Below is a price comparison between the Jaaxy membership options.

Jaaxy membership options
If you are a beginner to the digital marketing space, Jaaxy trial would be more than enough to get you started. It offers you some essential features such as thirty Keyword Searches, 20 Search Results per keyword search, Website Analyzer, Affiliate Program Finder, and Keyword List Manager.

Once you build upon your success, you will be able to invest more in the tool.


What do I like about Jaaxy

Simple Interface

Jaaxy has an easy to adjust user interface, you don’t need any manual to get familiar with it. The interface is quite pleasing to the eye and the navigation is quite easy.


It provides a complete set of statistics about keywords, all in one place.


I found the Jaaxy results are very accurate. In other words, it represents the true behavior of a keyword in key search engines So, you can trust Jaaxy to provide you with reliable results.


What I Don’t like about Jaaxy

Limited options in the Starter Pack

Well, this is true with every product. We always want so much stuff for so little cost, don’t we?

Lack of Affiliate Resources

Jaaxy has its own affiliate program. But, one thing I noticed was that, it does not have a good range of options for a publisher to choose from. Usually, an affiliate program provides publishers with different forms of banners and other interface elements, which I could not still see in Jaaxy.


SleekEarner Ratings:

Ease of learning: (5.0 / 5)
Support: (4.6 / 5)
Interface: (4.8 / 5)
Completeness: (4.8 / 5)
Accuracy: (4.6 / 5)
OVERALL: (4.6 / 5)


Jaaxy is of course a useful tool. if used properly, it can give you great value.

But, you need to keep one very important thing in mind. Jaaxy or any other keyword research tool is just a TOOL. It should only be used as a guide to write your articles. Your articles should always target the reader, NOT the keyword.

The sure way to become a high-quality publisher, is to write rich and useful content for the readership. If you can write meaningful stuff around keywords, then that is great! But if keywords forces you to write unnaturally, then please just DON’T!




  1. Great content and in-depth research. Are you aware that Google has a similar free service?
    It is not as good as Jaxxy in my opinion, but when you are on a shoestring budget it gets the job done. 😉

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