Pay-Per-Click Marketing: A Honest PropellerAds Review

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Pay Per Click MarketingAmong the many ways to earn online, performance-based methods are also getting popular. PropellerAds is a platform that uses such methods. For some niches, affiliate marketing will not work effectively. For example, if you are writing an inspirational blog, it might be tricky to generate revenue through affiliate marketing as the range of products that you can promote is quite limited. This is where PPC (Pay-Per-Click) models can come handy.

The underlying principle is not too complicated. As a content publisher, you place adverts on your websites. You can get paid when people ‘click’ on them. Of course, the payout for a single click is far smaller than an affiliate sell-out, But, if you can attract a decent traffic, it might be possible to earn handsomely.

I started trying few PPC networks, and one suggestion I received was PropellerAds. So, I gave it a try.

Some basic facts about PropellerAds.

    • Name: PropellerAds
    • Type: Multi-channel advertising
    • Website URL:
    • Founded in: 2011


PropellerAds Overview

PropellerAds offer advertising solutions catered for display, desktop, video, mobile, and in-app for both publishers and advertisers. In simple words, they provide content publishers (like me) with advertisements from companies. So, when readers visit my site and click on these ads, I can be paid, and the companies will get promoted.

The account registration process is quite fast and straightforward. You just need to register as a “Publisher” if you wish you promote products or services. Or else, you can advertise your business by registering as an “Advertiser”.

PropellerAds Home Page
PropellerAds home page


Who is PropellerAds for?

Any online content publisher or anyone who wants to promote their business.


PropellerAds Pricing

Registering either as a publisher or an advertiser is entirely FREE. For publishers, there isn’t any recurring cost. The prices for advertising, however, depends on the nature of the advertisement you need.

How does it work?

I will brush-through some basic features of PropellerAds platform.

Once you login, you can set-up your sites using the left navigation bar. Then, to add a site you can click on “Add site”.

Adding a website in PropelleAds
Adding a website in PropelleAds

Once you have added a site, you can add advertisement zones to the webpages.

Adding a zone in a site - PropellerAds
Adding a zone in a site – PropellerAds

Here you have the option of fours types of ad zones; native subscriptions, interstitial, onlick (Popunder), smart link (Direct Ads). You can choose the most appropriate ad type based on your audience and site theme. Then, you can also select the mode of revenue. For some sites where people are less likely to subscribe, CPM would work; and for the others, CPS is more suitable.

Zone types in PropellerAds
Zone types in PropellerAds

After selecting the zone type, you can either copy and paste the relevant code into the HTML code in your website or just use the PropellerAds plugin for WordPress (if your site is running on WordPress that is).


What I Like about PropellerAds

Simple interface

PropllerAds has a very easy-to-use dashboard with a minimum fuzz! You can easily find the required details and track the progress through the stats provided.

Quick registration

The application approval process only takes few minutes, unlike some other networks which take a longer time.

Free service

The platform is (well, like many others) are free to use. Which is especially useful for a beginner in the online marketing arena.


If done correctly, the revenues can be handsome. However, keep in mind that, to get a high income, you need a have a VERY high number of clicks.

Referral Program

Once you have a PropellerAds account, you can actually promote PropellerAds itself and earn some revenue. This can come in somewhat handy too!


What I DON’T Like about PropllerAds

Spammy ads

This is probably the main reason I had to remove PropellerAds from my sites. It looks like while everything about PropellerAds seems legit, they don’t really filter out their advertisers. Some of the ads force the reader to open even harmful webpages. This can easily damage your reputation, and you can lose a lot of readers in an instant.

After all, a publisher’s key intent should be their readership. Revenue ALWAYS should come second!

Unnecessary pop-ups

While some ads are not harmful, they can cause a headache for the reader. Who likes to deal with those auto-opening tabs and browser windows?

Aesthetics of the Ads

Now, this is one thing PropellerAds could improve without much effort. To say in plain words, their ads are UGLY! You usually expect an advertisement to be eye-catching and sleek, which is not the case with PropellerAds. The result can be the loss of readership. And loss of readership means loss of revenue.


The Final Verdict

It is such as shame to rank-down what seems to be a promising company. But, I have to! If I were you, I would keep away from PropellerAds. In future, I sincerely hope that they will improve.

But, if you reaaaaaly wan’t to give it a try, I suggest you do a trial with a low-risk website with a low readership. Then have a look at the analytics and pay-out to see if it is worth it.


SleekEarner Rankings:

Aesthetics: (2.0 / 5)
Features: (3.2 / 5)
Trust: (1.0 / 5)
Interface: (4.7 / 5)
Support: (4.5 / 5)
Price: (4.9 / 5)
OVERALL: (3.1 / 5)




  1. Very helpful information!! I was totally ignorant about propeller ads. I have one question. Are propeller ads similar to google adwords? Which one is better to use?

    1. Hello Apoorva. I still have not researched much about Google Adwords. But, will do soon. So, unfortunately, I cannot answer your question with any conviction!

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