Writing SEO Friendly Stuff: Optimizing for the Readership

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Writing SEO Friendly Stuff: Optimizing for the ReadershipLet’s get straight to the point, shall we? SEO or Search Engine Optimization simply means writing impactful content. Simple as that! You see, the logic here is that search engines optimize their output for their users AKA web surfers. And when we OPTIMIZE what we write for search engines, what we are essentially doing is optimizing our content for the readership. Let us talk about some simple tips for writing SEO friendly stuff


1. Keep it Short

Ask yourself how many times would you have clicked “see more”, “read more” or “continue reading” buttons to keep on reading something? Would you rather skip to another article?

Let’s face it. We are getting away from the habit of reading and moving towards short-lived media like short-video clips and tweet-like content snippets. Think of yourself as the reader of what you write, and ask the question “Would I like to read this article in its entirety?”


2. The all-important meta description

When people search for content on the web, what they’ll see among the search results is the meta description of a post or a page. The meta description is the description of the contents of the page. Most of the SEO tools nowadays offer you the ease of adding a meta-description easily.

If you don’t add one for yourself, an auto-generated one will be displayed. At times, these auto-generated ones are not so nice as they usually take the first few sentences of your article, which is NOT the cream of your writing.

Try to keep it short and sweet, so you can easily grab the attention of a potential reader within a second. Remember, there are thousands of others trying to beat you to it!


3. The URL

People often check the URL of your listing before they click on it. The purpose here is to get an idea if the link is directing them to what they are truly after.

Have a look at how my website is shown in the Google search result. You can see that the URL says the same story as the title. This consistency matters, maybe more than you think!

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4. Meaningful Keywords

Writing SEO Friendly Stuff: Optimizing for the Readership

We often get lost in the math and ‘magic’ of keyword search. Yes, choosing a keyword is vital. But, if your keyword doesn’t make sense, your efforts would materialize towards practically useless pieces of ‘writing’ on the web. People will recognize odd words and phrases in an instance and they’ll consider leaving your page assuming that your intent is not pure.

Your intent needs to be to provide high-quality information to the reader, which is how you could maintain a healthy readership. If not, you may need to seriously re-think your strategy!


There you go, folks some simple tips from me. But, this is not a comprehensive list by any means. In a separate article, I talk more about writing impactful articles for the web. You may have a read if you wish to learn a bit more.


I hope I helped you a bit here. I would really love to hear from you.


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